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With Alpine school Schröcken, you have a competent partner at your side. Josef Staggl, an experienced mountain guide from Schröcken, knows the mountains like no other and looks forward to starting you off on unforgettable mountain experiences.

And if you want things faster and more exciting, Adventure Park Schröcken is exactly the right choice with its many different stations and the Flying Fox - and not just for your kids!

Alpine school Schröcken Widderstein at sunset

Adventure Park Schröcken

You can really give it your all at Adventure Park Schröcken! Be it as a family with your children, as a group excursion or as motivation training for a team, you can spend hours hour before things get boring.

Envisioned in harmony with the natural feature, the Adventure Park functions both as a climbing garden, Flying Fox on the rocks, in the trees and over the river. A brief training in how to use the equipment is all you need to be able to put your courage to the sticking point all on your own!

Flying Fox in Schröcken

Attached to shoulder/lap harness "fly" over the ravines and valleys. When you need the ultimate kick! The ultimate experience for young and old

You can find more information and register for the individual offers at:

Josef Staggl
6888 Schröcken-Heimboden 104

T +43 664 25 25 200
F +43 5519 293