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Canadian rafting and rafting tours in Warth-Schröcken

Are you ready to tame the wild Lech?

The Lech is one of the last wild rivers in the Alps and an ideal starting point for a first rafting trip!
Travel through the untouched natural landscape of the Tyrolean Lechtal on the wild Lech. Pilot the raft yourself on a Canadian tour and try to be the last one to remain onboard during the rafting tour! A high fun factor is guaranteed!

Canadian rafting and rafting tours in Warth-Schröcken

With certified guides, you can set off through the untouched nature of the Tyrolean Lechtal multiple times per week. Ranging from half-day to full-day tours, the wild water rafting tours are difficulty level II.

ability to swim, an enjoyment for exercise in nature.
neoprene and safety equipment will be provided for you. Please bring your own towel and swimming equipment.

Contact your wild water guides

Christian Fritz
Appt. Sonnenschein 9
6767 Warth Nr. 32

T +43 660 21 49 207