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Canyoning in Warth-Schröcken

Spectacular natural adventures in fascinating gullies

A canyoning tour offers wonderful impressions of nature and becomes a full day of experiences in Warth-Schröcken.
Smoothly chiselled rocks, turquoise, crystal clear water, breath-taking gullies and countless waterfalls - ideal conditions for an exciting canyoning experience. Every canyoning tour in Warth-Schröcken is a fascinating experience for action fans filled with special impressions of the landscape that many miss out on. You'll get the required dose of adrenaline for this here with no problem - and, of course, only under the guidance of one of our state-certified canyoning guides and the corresponding standard equipment.

Before they head over the waterfall, the participants first learn proper step and rappelling technique in dry conditions from trained canyoning guides. Well secured, they experience a very special sporting experience with an extremely high fun factor. All you need to bring is good physical fitness, swimming equipment, sturdy footwear that can also get wet and a towel.

Canyoning tours around Warth-Schröcken

"Hard Rock I-IV"
Small slides, climbing areas, 6-8 waterfalls, highlight: the 40-metre high waterfall.

"Herbstmilch" [fall milk]
Unique trilogy of slides, waterfalls and the final jump for it all!

"Merlin's World"
In terms of landscape, one of the most beautiful tours in Vorarlberg, especially intended for beginners.

"Bodenalpeschlucht" [Bodenalpe gully]
Degree of difficulty B/C. A beautifully deep gully with a grandiose view of the Lech and the surrounding mountain world. With a 35-metre high waterfall to rappel, action is guaranteed.

"Spuller Canyon"
Degree of difficulty A. A lovely canyon for beginners and families with a small rappel area (5 m). You can stop at any time.

"Zürser Schlucht" [Zürs gully]
Degree of difficulty C. Requirements: freedom from vertigo and sufficient physical condition for 5-6 hours. Full day tour with rappelling points up to 45 metres. Physically demanding.

Contact our canyoning guides

Depending upon the participants athleticism, experience and ability, canyoning tours can be booked up request. Individual offers can also be made for groups. Simply contact our outdoor specialists:

Alpine school Widderstein, Warth
Alpine school Widderstein, Warth

Not an eye remains dry with Alpine school Widderstein in Warth! Whether you are in the water, on land or in the air, you will definitely find the right activities for a diverse holiday in the mountains here.

Alpine school Schröcken
Alpine school Schröcken

With Josef Staggl, experienced mountain guide from Schröcken, you have a competent partner at your side for unforgettable mountain and summit experiences.

Don't miss out on the exciting Adventure Park!

holzschopf.com - outdoor and more
holzschopf.com - outdoor and more

Have you ever had the feeling of having thousands of litres of water pelting your body? If not, Jürgen Strolz is your contact for an impressive canyoning tour with unforgettable experiences of nature.

Guide Mathias Fritz
Guide Mathias Fritz

Enjoy the beautiful nature around the mountains of the Arlberg attended by a skilled alpine-, canyoning- and moutainbike guide.