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Cross-country skiing in Warth-Schröcken

Cross-country skiing puts life in motion and is known as one of the healthiest kinds of winter sports. It uses nearly every muscle group in the body and also strengthens the cardiovascular system. This effect is intensified at elevations above 1,000 metres.

Warth-Schröcken is the ideal terrain for all cross-country and skating fans. The high-altitude cross-country ski trails on Hochtannberg Pass offer optimal training conditions. Located at over 1,500 metres above seal level, featuring a very sunny location with the best prepared cross-country ski trails, there is nothing left standing in the way of a successful day of cross-country skiing!

Cross-country skiing in Warth-Schröcken, on the high-altitude cross-country trails of the Hochtannberg Pass

High-altitude cross-country ski trails on the Hochtannberg Pass

Four loop routes with a total of approx. 17 kilometres extend from Hotel Jägeralpe to lake Körbersee in all degrees of difficulty. The high-altitude cross-country ski trails are located at 1,600-1,700 metres above sea level and are thus an ideal starting point for your high-altitude training.

The tours lead along the Hochtannberg Pass through a unique natural landscape with gentle slopes and grandiose summits!

Blue cross-country ski trail


Jägeralpe cross-country ski trail:
1.5 kilometres (classic and skating)

Kalbelesee cross-country ski trail:
2.5 kilometres (classic and skating)

Red cross-country ski trail


Simmel cross-country ski trail:
4.5 kilometres (classic)

Black cross-country ski trail


Falkenkopf/Körbersee cross-country ski trail:
6.0 kilometres (classic)

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Current cross-country ski trail report

Loipe Jägeralpe Leicht - 1,5 km Klassisch und Skating Geöffnet
Loipe Kalbelesee Leicht - 2,5 km Klassisch und Skating Geöffnet
Loipe Simmel Mittel - 4,5 km Klassisch Geöffnet
Loipe Körbersee-Falkenkopf Schwer - 6,0 km Klassisch Geöffnet

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Important information!

For safety reasons, it is possible that individual cross-country ski trails cannot be used or are closed to due risk of avalanches. All cross-country ski trails will be as well prepared, marked and secured as possible. All the same, no responsibility can be assumed in the event of an accident occurring.

Select cross-country ski trails that are suited to your level of ability.

Please note that our cross-country ski trails are also winter hiking trails and that you could encounter pedestrians. Please be considerate of one another!