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Geocaching Tour Lech

"Gipt's das?"

A tour to the gypsum holes of Oberlech.
The nature reserve "Gipslöcher" (gypsum holes) counts more than 1.000 dolines and are considered to be a geological uniqueness.
The biggest doline counts 100 meters in diameter, its crater is more than 35 meters deep. This place is very special both for nature lovers and our llittle discoverers!

The nature tour:

The geocaching tour "Gipt's das?" is dedicated to the topic "nature". It leads the geocacher in ten stations from Oberlech to the plot "Schlössle", where you can find the very nice viewpoint "Tannegg". Continue hiking through the beautiful mountain region until you reach the unique nature reserve "Gipslöcher" (gypsum holes). From the "Kriegerhorn" cable car you get back to Oberlech.

Facts & Figures

Length: ca. 4km
Ascent: 200m
Descent: 200m
Time: ca 1,5h
Deepest point: 1.637m
Highest point: 1.818m
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Important information for your safety:

  • All persons who are looking for caches that has been laid out from the provider "Tannberg", are acting at their own risk!
  • Both listing, difficulty and terrain appraisal have to be noticed!
  • Each geocacher need to proof the on-site situation according his/her physical and psychical capabilities.
  • No cache is worth to risk his own health!
  • Warth-Schröcken Tourism as well as the Tannberg region do not incur liability for accidents of all kinds that could occur on the recommendet routes and tours.