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Geocaching Tour Warth

"Pfarrer Müller und das weiße Gold" / Pastor Müller and the white gold

Follow the footsteps of Pastor Müller.
In 1894, Pastor Müller saw a pair of skis in a magazine for the first time. He thought about how helpful they would be to move more efficiently through the huge amount of snow here in the Tannberg region. He ordered them and shortly after he skied as the very first one through the deep snow from Warth to Lech off-piste - what a sensation! That was the beginning of skiing in this region.

The sporting tour:

The geocaching tour "Pastor Müller and the white gold" is dedicated to the topic "sports". Geocacher start in Warth and follow Müller's steps along ten stations. From the "Spitziger Stein" to the "Hochalphütte" you go further to "Saloberkopf". Here you can see that way where Pastor Müller skied off-piste for the very first time. After that you hike over the "Salobersattel" to the "Hochtannbergpass". Pass the small and lovely chapel "St. Jakobus on the Simmel" and continue the tour on the "Alte Salzstraße" back to Warth.

Facts & Figures

Length: around 12 km
Ascent: 389m
Descent: 766m
Time: ca. 4h
Deepest point: 1.502m
Highest point: 2.037m
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Important information for your safety:

  • All persons who are looking for caches that has been laid out from the provider "Tannberg", are acting at their own risk!
  • Both listing, difficulty and terrain appraisal have to be noticed!
  • Each geocacher need to proof the on-site situation according his/her physical and psychical capabilities.
  • No cache is worth to risk his own health!
  • Warth-Schröcken Tourism as well as the Tannberg region do not incur liability for accidents of all kinds that could occur on the recommendet routes and tours.