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Geocaching Warth-Schröcken

Treasure hunt with history

As from now there are three new geocaching experience tours at the Tannberg region in Warth-Schröcken.
The tours are related to the history and nature of the Tannberg region and are dedicated to the topics of sports, nature and culture. That's why geocachers are able to follow the tracks of pastor Müller on the tour "Pastor Müller and the white gold" [Pfarrer Müller und das weiße Gold]. He was the very first one who introduced off-piste skiing and skiing in general in Warth-Schröcken, when he first saw a pair of skis in a magazine in 1894. On the Tour "Walser villages & nature jewels" [Walserdörfer & Naturjuwelen] geocacher look into the history of the Walsers, a group of humans who left Switzerland and settled here in the mountains 700 years ago. On the tour "Gipt's das?" geocacher experience a unique nature reserve with more than 1.000 dolines. A huge fun not only for ambitious geocachers but also for the whole family!

Interactive geocaching tours:

Geocaching - what is it all about?

Geocaching can be explained as the modern trashing hunt of today's time. The caches (= hidden places) will be laid out at different (and sometimes unusual) places for others to be found. Every cache looks different and provides unique coordinates which are stored in a world-wide platform (www.geocaching.com). That's why the caches can only be found with a GPS-device or an app on your smartphone. For a geocacher the luckiest moment is finding a cache and entering the name into the log book to confirm his find.

Geocaching - how can I experience the tours of Warth-Schröcken?

Geocaching is very easy. You just need to fulfill some conditions to start.

  • 1. A free registration at www.geocaching.com is necessary to have access to and to get information about all the caches in the surrounding.
  • 2. You need to posses a GPS device or a special geocaching-app on your smartphone. (Download for iPhone und Android)
  • 3. For all geocaching tours you will receive a special treaure map as well as a stamp book in the local tourism offices. Those stamp books need to be punched at certain caches.
  • 4. Save the caches on your device for offline-availability.
  • 5. Before you start looking for the caches please read the so-called "listing" (= all the information about the cache). Sometimes you need to solve an extra riddle first.
  • 6. When you are looking for a cache and also if you found one, we ask you to behave descreetly. On the one hand other hikers should not think that you could have lost something, on the other hand they should not know that there is something to find (otherwise it would be boring).
  • 7. If you have found the cache, please note your name and the date into the log book. If there are some items in the cache, your are only allowed to take something out if you leave something of equal or greater value.
  • 8. Please hide the cache exactly on the same place where you found it!
  • 9. If you found caches with a stencil please stamp the appropriate field out of your stamp book.
  • 10. After you found all caches and punched out the fields of your stamp book you will receive the popular "Tannberg-Geocoin" (available in the local tourism offices).
Stamp book tour Warth
Stamp book tour Schröcken
Stamp book tour Lech

Geocaching, let's start! All tours in detail:

Geocaching | Tour Warth
Geocaching | Tour Warth

The new geocaching tour is dedicated to the topic "sports" and will lead you to the tracks of Pastor Müller and the white gold.

Geocaching | Tour Schröcken
Geocaching | Tour Schröcken

The new geocaching tour is dedicated to the topic "culture". Geocachers will dive into the history of the Walsers and explore nature jewels like lake Körbersee.

Geocaching | Tour Lech
Geocaching | Tour Lech

The new geochaching tour in Lech is dedicated to the topic "nature" and leads the geocacher from Oberlech to the unique nature reserve "Gipslöcher" (gypsum holes).