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The Lechweg

from the source to the waterfall

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The Lechweg is a long-distance hiking trail of medium difficulty that leads through our Alpine region which is also one of the last wild river landscapes in Europe: the untamed Lech river, people marked by the landscape and breath-taking view await you!

The Lechweg connects three regions and two countries with each other along its 125 kilometres: Austria with the Arlberg region in Vorarlberg and the Tyrolean nature park region Lechtal-Reutte as well as the southern Allgäu in Germany. In doing so, the Lech travels from its source near Formarinsee in Vorarlberg and opens up into an exciting, untamed flow through wonderful regions in the Lechfall in Füssen im Allgäu.

The numerous legs lead past one of the largest ibex colonies in Europe, a waterfall that survives every year and carries on as if by magic and over the longest pedestrian bridge in Austria. And let's not forget the Bavarian castles at the end of the trail!

Turquoise, crystal clear water, smooth rock slabs and small wooden bridges are a real feast for the eyes.

Notes on the legs

Formarinsee - Lech 14 km 195 vertical metres 629 vertical metres 5h
Lech - Warth/Lechleiten 14.5 km 733 vertical metres 635 vertical metres 5h
Warth/Lechleiten - Steeg 11 km 295 vertical metres 711 vertical metres 4h
Steeg - Holzgau 5 km 130 vertical metres 140 vertical metres 1.5h
Holzgau - Bach 9.5 km 734 vertical metres 778 vertical metres 4h
Bach - Elbigenalp 3 km 16 vertical metres 40 vertical metres 1h
Elbigenalp - Häselgehr 7 km 137 vertical metres 173 vertical metres 3h
Häselgehr - Elmen 5 km 309 vertical metres 274 vertical metres 2h
Elmen - Vorderhornbach 6 km 297 vertical metres 361 vertical metres 2.5h
Vorderhornbach - Stanzach 3 km 43 vertical metres 79 vertical metres 1h
Stanzach - Forchach 5.5 km 40 vertical metres 65 vertical metres 2h
Forchach - Weißenbach 7 km 115 vertical metres 141 vertical metres 2h
Weißenbach - Wängle 9 km 173 vertical metres 119 vertical metres 3h
Wängle - Pflach 9.5 km 381 vertical metres 485 vertical metres 3h
Pflach - Füssen 15 km 722 vertical metres 760 vertical metres 5h

Information about the luggage transport

Your luggage will be transported by the Lechweg company "Feuerstein GmbH".

Here you can organise and book your transport:
Feuerstein GmbH - Busreisen-Taxi
Hnr. 24a
A-6655 Steeg
Tel.: +43 5633 5633

Did you know...

... How can you get the most out of being a Lechweg hiker as a guest in Warth?
You can wonderfully hike the first four legs from Warth.

How does it work? As a guest in Warth, you can get the Lech-Warth card by staying 2 nights or longer.
With this card, you receive many free offers.
The most attractive thing about the card is: You can use the cableways as well as the hiking bus free of charge with it.

The bus travels at regular intervals from Warth to Lech and then on to Formarinsee.
The card also includes use of the Lechtal bus to Steeg.

For you, this means:

  • arrive comfortably the day before and spend the first night in Warth
  • Take the bus free of charge from Warth to Formarinsee the next morning and hike the 1st leg "Formarinsee - Lech"
  • Head back from Lech to Warth on the bus, free of charge
  • Spend the second night at your accommodation and then take the bus to Lech free of charge the next morning
  • From there, the 2nd leg "Lech - Warth" is practically at your feet
  • Spend the third night in Warth as well without having to worry about your accommodation
  • On the third morning, hike directly from Warth through the 3rd leg from Lechleiten to Steeg
  • From there, the bus brings back to Warth, free of charge
  • Your fourth and final relaxing night awaits you before you take the bus to Steeg for no additional charge.
  • From here, you can hike the fourth leg "Steeg - Holzgau"

Your benefits:

  • You don't have to worry about arranging new accommodation every day but can instead concentrate completely on nature and the Lechweg
  • You don't have to constantly worry about transporting your luggage, since it will stay in your accommodation in Warth
  • Enjoy four nights at your host and let yourself be really pampered
  • Also experience the diverse and varied supporting programme outside of hiking in Warth-Schröcken

Finde accommodation for your Lechweg stay now!