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A natural treasure – the Körbersee

The most beautiful place in Austria

This magical mountain lake, protected by the gigantic rocks surrounding it, is truly impressive, as clearly shown when put to the vote: This year, during the live evening show "9 Plätze, 9 Schätze" (9 places, 9 treasures) on the Austrian TV channel ORF 2, the natural treasure which is the Körbersee in Schröcken was voted the most beautiful place in Austria. Find out more about the history of Körbersee here, and convince yourself of the beauty of this wonderful location – in summer and winter!

The Körbersee...

  • ...is situated in Schröcken at 1,656 m above sea level
  • Extends across an area of 3.5 hectares.
  • Believe it or not, this lake is 8 m deep…
  • and can reach a water temperature of up to 24°C!

On foot or on skis - this way to the Körbersee...

SUMMER On foot:
from the village center Schröcken over the Alpe Batzen Time: 1h
from Schröcken/Nesslegg Time: 45 min
from Warth, Steffisalp-Express over Saloberkopf Time: 1,5 h
from Lech/Oberlech over the Auenfeld valley Time: 2,5 h
WINTER Over the ski slopes:
from the Skilift Falken over the slope nummber 255
On foot:
Winter hiking path "from Kalbelesee to the Körbersee" Time: 1 h

...and the routes from the Körbersee branch out in all directions

Hiking tours from the Körbersee to the exhibition "Alpmuseum uf'm Tannberg" Time: 15 min
thought the Auenfeld valley to the Aufenfelder Hütte Time: 1 h
to the Walservillage Bürstegg Time: 2 h
to the Hochtannbergpass Time: 45 min
Hiking tour form the Körbersee to Schröcken Time: 1 h
Warth Time: 1,5 h
Lech Time: 2,5 h

Pictures say more than 1000 words...

A little trip into the past...

Look here for the webcam with view to the Körbersee!

1. Sonnenaufgang

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