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On the trail of the Walsers on the Tannberg

A unique journey of discovery through one of the most beautiful landscape - the Tannberg

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"On the trail of the Walsers on the Tannberg" - a themed hiking trail examining the shared history of Warth, Schröcken and Lech.

The Tannberg and/or the Tannberg region is the summer companion to the Arlberg and comprises the Walser villages of Warth, Schröcken and Lech. "On the trail of the Walsers on the Tannberg" is a themed hiking trail through this region that tells the shared history of the settlement by the Walsers from the Swiss canton Wallis.

The trail has a total of 57 stations along the right that offer insight into the life and work of the Walsers on the Tannberg.

The themed hiking trail is suitable for all ages and offers suitable information for different interest groups that divided into three categories: culture, nature and sports.

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Many historic buildings, landmarks and especially the history of the Walsers forms a very exciting and interesting cultural resources in Tannberg that is unique in all of Vorarlberg and is definitely worth checking out.

Interesting culture stations:
- Exhibit "Stories of Warth" in Warth
- Alpmuseum "Uf'm Tannberg" in Schröcken
- Museum "Huber Hus" in Lech

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The Tannberg is blessed by its location at 1,500 m and higher as an optimal region for pleasure hikers and demanding Alpinists. Numerous sports events are held in the summer season where everyone gets their money's worth.

Interesting sports stations:

- 7 summit tour in Schröcken
- High-altitude half marathon in Lech
- Climbing garden Schrofenwies in Warth
- Karhorn via ferrata

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The Tannberg is diverse and full of contrasts like scarcely any other region, invigorating and contemplative at the same time. Free away from the hectic of the everyday is still central; located at a high altitude but with a lovely climate; unique and always authentic. This is the hiking paradise of the Tannberg.

Interesting nature stations:

- Kalbelesee and Tschirgge in Warth
- Sulphur mine and Gletschermühle in Schröcken
- Wild chives and yellow gentiana in Lech

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The office reading matter for the themed trail


This book is your ideal companion on hikes on the Tannberg since it contains the perfectly researched and summarised history of the Walsers. Each station along the tour offers exciting and interesting information.
The book is available in the Warth and Schröcken tourism offices as well as at the Tannberg part establishments.

Do you need a souvenir?


The original Tannberg bench in mini-format 1:20 is ideal for a souvenir back home or a gift for your dearest! Made from local larch wood and produced by a Schröcken carpentry shop, you are holding an authentic original from the Tannberg region in your hands.
Use it as a decoration or as a photo stand for your favourite holiday photo. The Tannberg bench is available in the Warth and Schröcken tourism offices as well as at the Tannberg part establishments. This mini-Tannberg bench is included for your in the Tannberg package as an "expert gift".

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This app for smartphones and iPhones is an exciting and interesting additional tool and optimal supplement to the book for your hikes through the Tannberg region. Alongside a compass and an interactive map, the app also contains all 57 legs of the trail and stations including heigh profiles and additional information.

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Online information about the hiking trail


Small metal signs featuring a QR code offer additional service and are located on each corresponding bench at the stations. They contain exactly the information you need in order to crowned a "Walser" expert later. Simply load a current QR code reader onto your smartphone and you'll be able to scan all the information you want!

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Become a Walser expert!

Walser culinary days
Walser culinary days

Immerse yourself in the shared history of the Tannberg regions Warth, Schröcken and Lech and you'll end up recognised as a "Walser expert"! Enjoy the Walser specialities at the edge of trail on guided hikes!

- 4 overnight stays with various inclusive services