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Seven Summits Tour

7 summits - 50 kilometers - 4.500 meters in altitude - are you ready?

The successsful concept of the seven summits tour is getting into its 10th round. On September 1st 2018 around 200 participants take part in this spectacular mountain event, where all seven summits around Schröcken will be climbed in only one day.

These summits are waiting for you:

  • Hochkünzelspitze, 2.397m
  • Rothorn, 2.239m
  • Hochberg, 2.324m
  • Braunarlspitze, 2.649m
  • Mohnenfluh, 2.542m
  • Juppenspitze, 2.412m
  • Höferspitze, 2.131m

10 Years Seven Summits Tour!

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Helping through ROKPA

Due to the 10 years jubilee the organisation ROKPA is in the center of attention to collect doles for the children who needs help. Every starter of the the Seven Summits Tour gives a doles for a good cause, rather than pays entry fee.

Körbersee - most beautiful place of Austria 2017

The usuall Seven Summits Tour is going to be a bit different than previouslye. Our natural treasure - the Körbersee got 2017 an award for the most beautiul place of Austria. So the starters of the Seven Summits Tour go along the Körbersee, where they can enjoy a beautiful view and make a short break.

NEW: Family Summits Tour

We are happy to present you our new "Family Summits Tour". This is a tour for familys and starts at Neßlegg along to the Körbersee, continues to the Hochtannbergpass and goes on the top of the Höferspitze. After that you get to the finish back in Neßlegg.

Facts 2019:

14th September 2019

Registration possible from June, but they are in a minimum of time fully booked. There is also waiting list for who, who didn't get a berth. More information: www.7berge.at

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