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Freeride crash course

The fastest and safest way to learn the off slope sport

Learning to freeride overnight? No problem! For all off slope deep snow freaks, Warth ski school offers a one-day crash course that informs winter athletes about the most significant risks on the terrain. Everyone looking to quickly learn this off slope is in the right place here!

Well-trained mountain and ski instructors show you the freeride hotspots of our ski region and look forward to rocking the powder hangs with you!

Freeride El Dorado in Warth-Schröcken!


  • Every Sunday
  • Beginning at 10:00 am (meeting place Warth ski school)
  • Newcomers to deep snow or for those with just a little experience
  • Ski equipment and safety equipment is required (backpack, probe, shovel, avalanche transceiver)
  • approx. 4 h
  • Registration by the previous day at 4:00 pm, Warth ski school
  • EUR 69.00 per person

Contact Warth ski school

Skischulleiter Mathias FRITZ
6767 Warth, Nr. 77

T +43 5583 3443