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Freeride Safety Check

Practical avalanche victim search on the PIEPS training field

When you go off the slopes on skis or a snowboard and move through open terrain, there are some dangers that must properly be accounted for. 100% safety can never be guaranteed.

This is why it is so important to master one's safety equipment in the event of an avalanche. Then seconds really do count...

We write safety with a capital S when freeriding in Warth-Schröcken!

The ski and mountain guides of Warth ski school are happy to help and show you how to properly use your avalanche transceiver, apply the proper search strategies and ultimately master the proper shovel technique to quickly recover avalanche victims.


  • Every Monday
  • From 3:00 pm at the avalanche transceiver training field at Steffisalp-Express
  • Max. 8 persons
  • approx. 1 h
  • Registration by 12:00 pm, Warth ski school
  • Safety equipment required (backpack with shovel, probe, avalanche transceiver)
  • Participation is free of charge!

Contact Warth ski school

Skischulleiter Mathias FRITZ
6767 Warth, Nr. 77

T +43 5583 3443