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Summer holiday in Warth-Schröcken

Explore the loveliest summits in Warth-Schröcken am Arlberg !

A summer holiday in the mountains of Warth-Schröcken is definitely something very special. Located both in the Tannberg region as well as the Arlberg region, the villages are ideal starting points for numerous hikes and mountain tours of all kinds.

Your hiking enjoyment starts practically at the door of your accommodation. The cableways open in the summer ease your journeys of discovery by some vertical metres. And with the hiking bus, you can reach an additional hiking area that extends to Lech Zürs and beyond!

Hiking Warth-Schröcken lake Körbersee

Visit well-known Alpine association chalets on the German-Austrian border like the Mindelheimer and Rappensee chalets. A trip with the Steffisalp express makes it easy to reach the Karhorn via ferrata that was extended in 2009 by 400 metres and has offered climbing pleasure in the degrees of difficulty B-D in the airy heights ever since.

For all pleasure hikers, the Wartherhorn is an easy ascent and a fun hike, accessible in only approx. 45 minutes from the Steffisalp express.

Do not miss out on the unique vista and tranquillity when you discover our pearls, the mountain lakes "Kalbelesee" or "Körbersee", during your hikes! From there, excellently maintained hiking trails take you to the old Walser settlement "Bürstegg" or to the 1st Alpine museum in Vorarlberg "Uf'm Tannberg".

We could tell you a lot more about the various tours in and around Warth-Schröcken, but we would rather let you browse through the following pages on our homepage and see for yourself how exciting a summer holiday in Warth-Schröcken can be for you.

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