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Karhorn via ferrata

THE highlight in Warth-Schröcken

The start of the Karhorn via ferrata is relatively easily accessible due to its location and, thanks to its degree of difficulty is also usable by children on their first via ferrata experience!

In 2009, the via ferrata was extended by 600 metres to the west and has since served as a very diverse tour with varying degrees of difficulty.

Part 1, eastern ridge

The eastern ridge of the via ferrata leads from the start to the summit continuously in degree of difficulty B through C.
This section is thus optimally suited for all beginner climbers and those with small amounts of experience and will definitely meet their demands.
While climbing, there is a constantly wonderful panorama view of the surrounding mountain ranges, but you are first really rewarded for your efforts at the summit.

To spare yourself a few vertical metres, take Steffisalp-Express to the top. From the summit station, the trail branches off to the left and leads straight up to Wartherhornsattel (approx. 45 minute ascent).
From here, put on the proper equipment since the via ferrata starts here as well.

From the summit, the descent leads down the normal trail on the south side of the Karhorn massif. You will again reach the starting point "Wartherhornsattel". Anyone who would like can then also take in the summit of the Wartherhorn before taking the ascent path back to the summit station of Steffisalp-Express.

Ascent Steffisalp-Express summit station to Wartherhornsattel, 45-50 minutes
Eastern ridge (start to summit), 2-2.5 hours

Part 2, western ridge

In order to be able to enjoy the western ridge, first you have to reach the summit. The 600 metre extension created in 2009 starts from here.

On the summit, one thing is immediately clear: beginners reach their limits right away. With degrees of difficulty of C to D, a few hundred metres challenge even experience via ferrata climbers. Climbing on ridges high in the air exposed to the elements requires a freedom from vertigo and surefootedness. This is part of an ultimate experience and one certainly would not want to miss!

The western ridge leads from the summit of the Karhorn 600 metres along the ridge to the descent.

A long rock cable with rope holders forms the descent of the western ridge. From here, a trail leads down along the southern slope of the Karhorn and back in the direction of Wartherhornsattel.

Approx. 1.5 hours from the summit to the descent.

Important information

Via ferrata equipment and rental

When using a via ferrata, you must wear complete and functional equipment!
In addition, you must practice using the equipment properly and safely in order to rule out a risk of falling!

Complete via ferrata equipment consists of:

  • Lap harness (climbing harness)
  • Via ferrata set with 2 functioning carabiners
  • Sturdy shoes (preferably mountain boots)
  • In addition:
  • Gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Liquids

Anyone who does not own their own via ferrata equipment can rent it from Alpine school Widderstein in Warth:

Christian Fritz
Appt. Sonnenschein 9
6767 Warth Nr. 32

T +43 660 21 49 207