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Winter hiking in Warth-Schröcken

Wrapped up tight and thoroughly warm, you will experience Warth-Schröcken from a completely different perspective, in a wholly different environment, far from the hustle and bustle and the slopes and après-ski.

Immerse yourself in a world of peace and quiet on our numerous and wonderfully maintained winter hiking trails. Let the atmosphere work upon you, breath in the cold, clear winter air deeply and feel how it charges your body with fresh energy. The shining snow to your left and right and the deeply snowy landscape lets your thoughts float away and help to give a feeling of relaxation.

For anyone who likes things a little less athletic, our winter hiking trails are also perfectly suited for Nordic Walking. With their sunny locations and small inclines, the tours "All around lake Kalbelesee" and "Through the forest of Warth" are especially recommended. The tours "From lake Kalbelesee to lake Körbersee" and "From Schröcken to the hamlet Wald" offer more challenges.

The loveliest winter hiking trails in our region:

Along lake Kalbelesee to picturesque lake Körbersee
The prepared and sunny winter hiking trail takes takes you from the parking lot of Saloberjet to Hotel Körbersee. From the hotel, the trail takes you around lake Körbersee. Enjoy the unique panorama surrounding you! You can take the same trail back, but a visit to the sun terrace of Hotel Körbersee is definitely worth doing first!

Duration: approx. 2.0 hours

To the world peace cross on the Simmel
The Simmel is an elevation located directly in Hochkrumbach. The winter hiking trail starts directly at Hotel Jägeralpe or further up on the Hochtannberg Pass. The trail there also leads past the small romantic chapel "St. Jakobus". It has defied the wind, weather and especially the snow for many centuries. The chapel was severely damaged by a stroke of lightning in summer 2013 and has had a new bell tower since then. The trail leads up to the world peace cross. Don't miss out on these last few vertical metres; you'll get to enjoy an outstanding panorama view over all of Hochkrumbach!

Duration: approx. 1 hour

All around lake Kalbelesee
Starting from the Salober parking lot, the winter hiking trail leads you around frozen Kalbelesee along the loveliest landscape of the Hochtannberg Pass. Very sunny and primarily running along a continuous height level, this little hike is ideal for families with children who can leave their snow angels to the left and right side of the trail!

Duration: approx. 30 minutes

Through the forest of Warth
From the village centre of Warth, take the trail down to frozen lake Seebachsee directly in Warth. Here you will find the winter hiking trail that leads along the edge of the forest. The loop leads through the "Höhenwald" forest and back with a view of Lech, until the trail crosses one that leads towards Teschenberg. Another lovely vista awaits you there. Now you can either head back to Warth or follow the hiking trail to Teschenberg and then take the street back to Warth.

Duration: approx. 1 hour

To the hamlets "Gehren" and "Lechleiten"
From the village centre in Warth, following the federal motorway in the direction of Reutte to Haus Kristall, then take the winter hiking trail to the left down to Mühlebrücke (state border between Vorarlberg/Tyrol). After 250 metres on the federal motorway, the exit leads to Gehren and beyond through a romantic piece of forest on the hiking trail to Lechleiten. From there, you will enjoy an outstanding view of Warth and the ski area. Return on the same trail.

Duration: approx. 2-3 hours

From Schröcken to the hamlet "Wald"
From Schröcken-Oberboden, follow the small streets to Schwand and to the hamlet "Wald" where a wonderful view of the village awaits you. Return on the same trail.

Duration: approx. 40 minutes

Walking on Schröcken's old street
Starting from Nesslegg, the route leads past Hotel Widderstein and Haus Annette along the old federal motorway to the ski descent. A romantic trail right to the village centre in Schröcken! Return on the same trail or take the ski bus to Nesslegg.

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Please note that in case of snow fall, delays could be encountered in preparing the trails. Thank you for your understanding.

Current status of the winter hiking trails

Winterwanderwege Jägeralpe / Simmel Geöffnet
Winterwanderwege Körbersee / Falkenkopf Geöffnet
Winterwanderwege Kalbelesee / Salober Geöffnet
Winterwanderwege Warth - Dorf Geöffnet
Winterwanderwege Dorfbahn Warth Geöffnet
Winterwanderwege Gehren / Lechleiten Geöffnet
Winterwanderwege in Schröcken Geöffnet